Inventory & Warehouse Management

Multiple warehouse & site functionality

Assign multiple stock locations to individual product lines for pick management, replenishment & bulk storage.

Customisable location type management (Pick Bins, Pallets, Large Pallets, Etc)

Full audit trail with every single stock transaction (in, out & allocations) listed per product and exportable to excel.

Wireless mobile barcoded picking available for 100% stock picking order accuracy, in logical location order to maximise efficiency.

Seamlessly putaway & transfer stock from one location to another in your warehouse using our Android scanning App.

Automatic stock synchronisation across all clients/platforms

Automatic stock notification emails for all stock changes, goods-in and out of stock orders.

Easy setup of products and goods in transactions with spreadsheet loader or import from sales channels.

Instant snapshop of stock levels so you can see available on hand stock at any moment in the despatch process.

Product bundling capability (Bill of materials management)

Best before date, serial number and batch code tracking.

Back-order capability for out of stock order management with complex first in first out stock allocation rules.