Multi-channel Order Management System

With connections to all of the major shopping carts and marketplaces we can help you save time by managing your orders together, in one place. Simple to use & easy to setup - you could be up and running in less time than you think!

Features of multi-channel order management system

Read about the Mintsoft features that can help your multi-channel business grow.

  • Inventory Sync
  • Drop Shipping
  • Sales Reporting
  • Detailed Inventory Tracking

Inventory Sync

Mintsoft will take care of your stock levels so that each of your sales channels stays up to date.

Automatically Sync stock levels

Never oversell an item again! We can automatically push our stock levels to all of your connected channels at regular intervals - saving you valuable time & ultimately improved customer feedback.

Manipulated Stock Levels

If you manufacture goods or have a ready source of stock available from a nearby supplier - we can send fixed manipulated low or high stock levels to all of your channels - making it appear you always have a certain amount of stock available (even though you may be out of stock in your actual warehouse facility / factory)

Drop Shipping

Setup lists of drop ship products and suppliers to automatically split out products from your orders you do not fulfil yourself & automatically send email alerts to your drop ship suppliers to fulfil the items for you.

Sales Reporting

Save time collating various sources to see sales data.

Consolidated sales data

Produce comprehensive reports for your sales data across all sales channels

Flexible formats

View information clearly and simply within the system or export the data if you prefer to CSV with an easy to use custom export builder.

Order Management

Speed up processing your orders and reduce the risk of wrong items.

Everything in one place

Manage all of your orders in one place - Mintsoft consolidates orders from all of your connected sales channels

More than one brand?

If you operate more than one brand, we can help. The system will cleverly manage your image by producing brand-specific dispatch notes and emails.

Bulk printing

You can easily print batches of orders for fast picking.

Unlimited e-commerce connections as standard

No cost to add any supported connection & a full setup service free of charge for all of your channels.

Shipping made simple

Automatically print courier labels & pass tracking details through to your various sales channels/marketplaces.

Phone sales

Process telephone orders and take payments using Sage Pay or World Pay.

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