Multi Channel Management

Multi Channel Seller Features

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Standard integrations built with all the major shopping carts & marketplaces

Save time & manage your orders together, in one place

Simple & fast to setup with unlimited connections available

Dedicated support & training to get you up & running

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Faster despatch times with one-click shipping labels

Create complex shipping rules based on weight, value & destination

Integrated with Royal Mail DMO & all major UK Couriers

Automated tracking updates back to the original order channel

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Automated stock synchronisation across all channels in minutes

Never over-sell stock again & never waste time manually updating stock records

Automated drop ship management – automatically tells your supplier when to ship drop ship items.

Low stock notifications, product sales reports & complex stock back-order management.

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Easily see order channel data as orders received in real time

Instant  data snapshots of business performance over previous 30 day trading

Bulk actions across channels to print, despatch, cancel orders & update tracking

Sales data reports split by channel


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