Royal Mail Mintsoft Integration

Mintsoft and Royal Mail Integration

Keeping up with customer deliveries and shipping demands is made easy with the Mintsoft and Royal Mail integration.

RoyalMail Mintsoft Integration

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Shipping made simple

Keep up with the demands of E-commerce and customer delivery demands with our Royal Mail via Intersoft integration.

Royal Mail Mintsoft Integration
Despatch emails

Automatically send despatch emails from yours, or your clients domains using customised paperwork.

Take control of paperwork

You can bulk print all your despatch and invoice paperwork with shipping labels in one go with no need for manual interactions.

Marketplace integration

Our Royal Mail integration works alongside our many marketplace integrations, making shipping as easy as possible.

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We'll do the technical bits for you

Our Royal Mail integration takes care of all the time consuming and technical aspects of shipping, so that you don't have to.

Manage shipments

Ship Parcels via the Intersoft API for Royal Mail, which facilitates real-time shipment creation and label retrieval.

Customer satisfaction

Keep up with customer demand with seamless integrations and fast dispatches.

Order management

Sync orders from multiple marketplaces and align them with shipping needs in one unified platform.

Ecommerce fulfilment dashboard

Why should you choose Mintsoft?

Mintsoft's easy to use platform offers flexibility when it comes to managing shipments, making the process hassle free.

One platform to despatch all your orders

Mintsoft makes it easier to keep you keep track of your multiple marketplaces.

Keep up with demand

Automate your shipping processes with Mintsoft's Royal Mail integration via Intersoft.

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