NotOnTheHighStreet Mintsoft Integration

Mintsoft and Not On The High Street (NOTHS) Integration

Mintsoft and NOTHS’ integration means online retailers can manage orders from one place. Simple and easy.

NOTHS Mintsoft Integration

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Marketplace management made easy

Manage your orders from one unified platform with Mintsoft's NOTHS integration.

Painless paperwork imports

Keep paperwork streamlined by importing documents from your NOTHS platform to your Mintsoft dashboard.

Connect with couriers instantly

Choose your preferred shipping method with Mintsoft's multi-courier integration capabiltiles.

Identify and fix issues

Error mapping allows the system to import various product from NOTHS. An error will be displayed if it is unable to map directly to a product.

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Let Mintsoft do the work for you

Automate time consuming tasks such as order management, inventory and shipping all through the Mintsoft platform.

Keep on top of orders

Import and fulfil your NOTHS orders into your Mintsoft dashboard.

Reduce admin with automation

Import despatch notes directly from NOTHS to print with the order.

Avoid overselling

Keep on top of inventory management with the option to automatically accept orders (subject to stock being available).

Ecommerce fulfilment dashboard

Why should you choose Mintsoft?

Deliver great customer experiences by fulfilling your orders and keeping all your online shops updated at all times.

Improve customer experience

Enhance timeliness, accuracy and service levels by automating customer interactions.

Save time

Mintsoft simplifies the management of your marketplace connections, accelerating growth with a single digital platform.

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