Fedex Integration

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A new Fedex integration is available on the latest version of Mintsoft released this week!

Fedex is one of the largest & most iconic international express courier brands on the globe.

The Fedex integration allows Mintsoft to take advantage of all of the express services Fedex offers globally such as International First, Priority & Economy.

Shipments can be created with the click of a button or triggered & printed automatically using the scan to pick functionality.

Tracking numbers then automatically feed back into the Mintsoft 3PL fulfilment & multi channel order system for you to track shipments easily in once place.

If you are integrated with external websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Shopify or Magento – these tracking numbers will also go back to the customers automatically saving you valuable time.

fedex integration

Xero Integration

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We are very pleased to announce that a Xero Integration is now available to use on our 3PL fulfilment & multi channel order software solution.

Xero is the leading cloud based accountancy software solution on the market with over a million subscribers world-wide, we’re big fans of it – using it for our own accounts!

Invoicing for 3PL & warehousing clients has traditionally been a head-ache for accounts teams in warehouses, but is no longer the case with Mintsoft.

Now – not only does Mintsoft automatically calculate picking, shipping, storage, goods in & packaging charges automatically – we’ll also create this invoice in Xero for you automatically as well.

You can literally calculate & create an invoice for your fulfilment client with the click of a button with no manual re-keying of any data.

Our Xero integration for fulfilment accounting also supports account ledgers mapping for accurate p&l reporting on the key cost centres for each client.

Soon the Xero integration will also be enhanced to support multi-channel clients for importing purchase orders as ASNS and Sales orders for wholesale customers.

Xero Integration

Weebly Integration

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The latest update of Mintsoft 3PL Fulfilment & Multi Channel Order Management system sees a new Weebly integration added to our standard list of e-commerce order platforms supported.

Weebly’s powerful drag and drop website builder and guided set up get you to the finish line faster, no coding needed”

The Weebly integration allows mintsoft users to automatically retrieve & import sales order data from weebly with no manual interaction needed.

When orders are shipped on Mintsoft this will then automatically update weebly with the shipping information.

Weebly also aim to add support for inventory synchronisation in future on their API to allow full seemless automation for sales orders and inventory control – an essential tool for Mintsoft users selling on multiple channels

Weebly Integration


WN Direct Integration

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Another busy month for Mintsoft sees a new WN Direct Integration added to Mintsoft 3PL & e-commerce fulfilment system!

The latest version release sees a huge number of new integrations added that now takes the total to approaching 60 e-commerce and courier platforms supported as standard!

Latest one to tell you about today is a new WN Direct Integration.

WN Direct is a global mailing company that offers discounted rates to many world-wide destinations using a fresh approach to e-commerce requirements:

“wnDirect changed that by creating a logistics solution aimed directly at retailers looking to deliver parcels to new and existing international markets. Over 30 million parcels later, we now have a portfolio of leading online retailers benefiting from our fresh thinking”

The WN Direct integration with Mintsoft allows you to automatically print, create & produce shipping labels & manifests with a click of a button.


WN Direct Integration







Scurri Integration

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A new Scurri integration has been added to Mintsoft 3Pl & Fulfilment system this month.

Scurri is a specialist cloud based multi-carrier delivery management platform that integrates with over 25 courier services.

The Scurri integration with Mintsoft opens up a number of additional couriers that are not directly available with Mintsoft such as Tuffnells, TNT & Fastway.

Mintsoft users can also benefit from the huge scope of shipping rules available on the Scurri platform when using the new Scurri integration.

The  integration can work in two ways – either Mintsoft specifies which carrier service to print a label for, or we send a blank service shipment and scurri handles the shipping service allocation based on internal shipping rules setup.

This ensures we have a solution for all clients shipping needs accross both platforms.


Scurri Integration








Yumbles Integration

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Very pleased to announce that Mintsoft has added a new Yumbles Integration in our latest software update this week.

Yumbles is a marketplace specifically for natural, organic or freshly made food direct from the producers.

“When you buy on Yumbles you are buying directly from the talented maker. They receive your order and prepare their produce (often made fresh to order just for you!)”

Yumbles fits in well for multi channel retailers possibly selling on established niche marketplaces such as NOTHS, Etsy & Hard to find that Mintsoft also integrates with.

The Yumbles integration allows you to automatically manage order fulfilment and shipping.

Mintsoft will automatically import orders once paid by the customer, map the shipping option & then send back tracking details back to Yumbles once shipped.

Also as a requirement of Yumbles – we’ll download and automatically print the Yumbles packing slip so you can have complete peace of mind that orders are being processed correctly with no manual intervention!



Yumbles Integration












Visualsoft Integration

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A new Visualsoft Integration is now available with Mintsoft’s 3PL ( Third Party Logistics ) fulfilment and order management software using the Visualsoft API.

Visualsoft create elegant & high-end websites for retailers looking for a stlyish platform for their customers

If you are currently using Visualsoft to power your e-commerce website and are struggling with processing orders manually (or your warehouse is), then Mintsoft has the solution to your problems.

With the new API integration added by Mintsoft, it allows us to automatically retrieve your order data from your Visualsoft back-end, send back despatch updates to customers once marked shipped in Mintsoft to fully streamline your order despatch processes.

Additionally, we can automatically synchronise stock levels – so if you are a multi-channel retailer selling on multiple platforms – we can make sure you never oversell an item again on Visualsoft if it’s been sold on Ebay or Amazon already.

Mintsoft is constantly increasing support for more e-commerce integrations, with now over 25 e-commerce websites and platforms supported and more to come soon.

If you need a new website or looking to upgrade your existing website, please see Visualsoft’s previous work here, and see why our Visualsoft Integration with Mintsoft could help your business.

Want to discuss the integration more, get in contact with us here!

Visualsoft Integration Logo

Veeqo Integration

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Veeqo Integration added to Mintsoft 3PL fulfilment and multi channel order management software.

Veeqo is a slick multi-channel management platform to “make selling easier”  with listing tools, accounting integrations, sales reporting and EPOS solutions are all available.

If you use Veeqo to manage all of this for you, but outsource your fulfilment to a 3PL warehouse then the Veeqo Integration with Mintsoft will be a perfect fit.

We can automatically retrieve order data from Veeqo and send back despatch updates once shipped in Mintsoft.

In time we will be enhancing the integration to include Purchase order retrieval and returns data synchronisation.

veeqo integration

Shipstation integration

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A new Shipstation integration has been added to Mintsoft 3PL fulfilment and order management system this year!

The integration allows Mintsoft users to automatically download order information from shipstation and then once shipped in Mintsoft, send back despatch updates and stock information.

Shipstation supports a huge number of e-commerce integrations meaning if you open a shipstation account for a minimal monthly fee, this opens many new website platforms and marketplaces to integrate with Mintsoft – such as SquareSpare, Volusion, Stitch labs, Trade gecko & Rakuten (

We also plan to enhance the shipstation integration to create shipments with shipstation world-wide courier accounts such as Fedex, DHL & UPS.

Shipstation integration

Spring Global Integration

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The first system update of 2017 for Mintsoft includes a new Spring Global Integration for world-wide shipping solutions.

The Spring Global Integration allows Mintsoft users to have access to the full discounted service offering from Spring Global.

Including UK domestic 24 & 48, and international standard & express for both small packets and parcels up to 30kg.

Depending on the volumes shipped, Spring Global can offer significant price reductions compared to Royal Mail shipping.

Even standard shipments sent with spring global can benefit from “tag and trace” RFID technology so retailers can keep tabs on where parcels are at key stages of the delivery process, simply by adding RFID tags to parcels.

Mintsoft now has 23 integrated courier solutions following the latest system update!

spring global integration