New powerhouse partnership between Activ8 and Access Mintsoft

We are proud to announce an exciting new partnership between Access Mintsoft and Activ8. This partnership will support the Mintsoft vision to provide advanced technology and software to 3PLs, fulfilment houses and online retailers. Our teams will mutually benefit by … Read More

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Practical COVID measures warehousing and distribution can take

The first phase of lockdown back in March involved a lot of educated interpretation of the official government guidelines, with warehousing and storage hoping they had done enough to keep their staff safe. The “hoping for the best” strategy has undoubtedly been employed and has seen many organisations through the first six months of the pandemic, but now the real test comes as we have the next 6, 12, 18, 24 months and need to turn our focus towards what resilience and survival will truly look like. … Read More

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Coronavirus: What impact will new regulations have on health and wellbeing?

New announcements from the UK government have led to many more questions being asked about the future of UK industry and the role of risk, health, safety and compliance in the wellbeing of the population at scale. Achieving agility in this uncertain climate is critical for survival but at what cost does this come? … Read More

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Building trust with your customers: the importance of the third-party providers you choose

Many online retailers forget the importance of what happens after your customer clicks buy.

We discuss the three main ‘Rs’ that can be directly affected by choosing the wrong third-party providers. … Read More

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4 benefits to retailers selling online

Make no mistake, diversifying your business offering is a high risk move for any business.

The current restrictions offer the perfect opportunity to open a small store up to an online audience while many high streets are putting a pause on business rates. … Read More

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Top 5 Key Benefits of an Order Management System

If you’re currently selling online, there comes a tipping point where orders become cumbersome to manage on multiple platforms. An Order Management System (OMS) could be exactly what you need to keep up with the market. … Read More

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