3PL Fulfilment Accounting

3PL Fulfilment Accounting

Save your monthly billing headaches with automated calculations for shipping, packing, returns, storage (volumetric / unit / pallet / bin / shelf) and recurring management charges.

Set different rates easily for every different client you have – there is no one size must fit all approach.

Automatic goods-in charges for container unloading, pallet unloading, re-work, packaging or any other value-added services carried out in the period.

Invoice history stored online for easy access 24/7

All downloadable to excel and PDF & integrated to Xero for automatic invoice creation.


Automated Order by Order costing calculations for Picking, Shipping and Packaging.

Range of pick pricing models available to select from on a per client basis.

Tiered pricing points for courier services on a per client basis.

Pick Pricing over-rides on a per SKU basis for specially agreed rates per product. (e.g 2 man lifts or special packaging)