3PL Fulfilment House Pricing

Flexible pricing designed to scale as your business grows.

£165/ per month
  • 2 x 3PL Clients
  • 2 x Initial Training Sessions
  • 1,000 Orders Per Month
£275/ per month
  • 10 x 3PL Clients
  • 5 x Initial Training Sessions
  • 3,000 Orders Per Month
£415/ per month
  • 15 x 3PL Clients
  • 5 x Initial Training Sessions
  • 5,000 Orders Per Month
£550/ per month
  • 20 x 3PL Clients
  • 5 x Initial Training Sessions
  • 7,500 Orders Per Month
Extra Large
£825/ per month
  • 30 x 3PL Clients
  • 5 x Initial Training Sessions
  • 10,000 Orders Per Month
£POA/ per month
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Bespoke Training Arrangements
  • Unlimited Orders Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Mintsoft has the capability to scale up as you do! Contact us to agree a custom pricing package to suit your volumes.


Drop us a line at sales@mintsoft.co.uk to arrange a free remote demo showcasing the system features and answering all the questions you have!

In almost 99% of  accounts, there is absolutely no setup cost involved at all.

However should you require additional integrations that we do not support or need an existing integration modifed then this would involve a setup cost for example.

email sales@mintsoft.co.uk and we can confirm if your account will require a setup cost.

We start you on whatever package your first month of data usage is – so if you only process 500 orders for 1 client – that’s all you will pay for.

You will then move up or down the pricing tiers going forward depending on your usage.

Our support services are fully included in the one monthly package charge.

For training – each package type gets an initial alotment of free hourly remote training sessions.

However you can choose to pay for additional remote training or even on-site dedicated training.

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