3PL Management

We understand 3PL fulfilment management like no other system does. Save time & manage your orders together, in one place for all clients without the need to log into multiple systems to retrieve order data. It is simple & fast to setup with unlimited connections to all major couriers and websites!

Features Overview

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  • Real-time Client Access
  • Automated Billing & Accounting
  • Customisable Brand Management
  • Centralised Client Management

Real-time Client Access

Servicing multiple clients can be a huge overhead which is why Mintsoft has been designed to streamline this for you. Clients can be given varying levels of access to retrieve information they require or interact with the system e.g. entering manual orders.

Real time order progress

Clients can view real-time order progress keeping them informed and saving you from having to manually pass this information on.

Inventory monitoring

Live inventory updates & configurable stock level alerts.

Order Query tool

Clients can ask questions and you can respond directly against specific orders keeping all information in one place. Added to this, configurable rules can stop packages from being dispatched if a query is open that requires resolution.

Automated Billing & Accounting

Multiple Charging Models

Have the flexibility to create various charging models such as 'first pick, second pick' per order, per carton, pallet, tiered & percentage of value.

Shipping Costs

Comprehensive view of shipping costs at a client level and also from your perspective. Give your clients clear invoicing & report on your overall shipping charges.

Calculates Picking Costs

Save hours of number crunching with automated invoicing showing individual order breakdown.

Storage Charges

Various methods for automatically calculating storage charges such as Volumetric, Stock Management Fees, Location Based Charging, Highest-point charging (charge based on the maximum space taken over the period).

Customisable Brand Management

White label Option

We can provide an option to white-label our system - reinforcing your brand. This includes using your own URL & logo.

Client Level Branding

Help your clients get their brand across by using it on dispatch notes & emails. Setup client specific packing instructions such as 'use the blue parcel tape or label with logo'.

Centralised Client Management

Order visibility

See all client orders in one place. Process orders on a per client basis if preferred.

Client filtering

See all information on all clients, or easily toggle to be client specific.

Query management

Your clients can raise queries directly against orders in the system.

Client specific courier accounts

Allow your customers to use their own courier accounts alongside your own.

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