Why join Mintsoft’s Partnership Programme?

Why join Mintsoft’s Partnership Programme?

There are many reasons for establishing a partnership, and at Access Mintsoft, we see our Partnership Programme as a mutually valuable relationship. In addition to increasing your brand presence and bringing in new leads, there are many other benefits to becoming an Access Mintsoft partner.

At Access Mintsoft we have two types of partners:

  • Technology Partners: Our technology partners play a role in ensuring we offer the best and most relevant integrations to our customers. This program is best for those wanting to increase sales and leads.
  • Strategic Partners: Our strategic partners offer a collaborative working relationship, and help to inform and shape the Mintsoft solution, making it the best it can be for our existing customers and prospects. Our strategic partner programme is for those looking for a bit more than what our technology partner programme offers.

Read on to find out more about our Partnership Programme.

Enhanced brand presence and customer relationships

By partnering with Access Mintsoft, you will be allowing yourself to align with one of the most exciting and fastest growing SaaS platforms in the industry. In such a fast moving and competitive industry, accelerating brand awareness is pivotal to always being one step ahead.

As one of our valued partners, you will have opportunities to benefit from joint marketing campaigns and other ad hoc opportunities – from co-branded content such as thought leadership articles and whitepapers, to presence on podcasts and webinars as well as at events. Partnerships are a form of third-party endorsement and this type of activity will allow you to build brand awareness and boost consideration amongst existing and potential consumers.

Be a part of something bigger 

By choosing to partner with Access Mintsoft, you will also be joining us as disruptors and innovators within the industry. As a fast SaaS solution, we release a new feature on our platform every 2 weeks – that’s 26 a year! No other competitor releases new features at this level of cadence.

We want to learn and grow together, and being our partner means that you’ll have the chance for your voice to be heard, as we are always looking for influence around informing the development to drive our technology. As a Mintsoft partner, you’ll have the chance to help inform, develop and even feature your own technology within the rapidly evolving Mintsoft platform and solution.

Your ideas can help to drive technology changes to the core product, meaning you’ll gain an enhanced product portfolio as well.

Extended network

By joining our Partnership Programme , you’ll in turn be partnering with a like-minded eco-system of professionals who are looking to innovate and be pioneers within the industry; allowing you to stay ahead of your competition. When a new partner joins us, they’re also partnering with our users and partners and in turn, broadening their network.

Each unique partnership forges an important relationship on its own – one that offers greater access to resources, expertise, and distinctive skill sets. A partnership with Access Mintsoft will also offer the opportunity to reach new markets and customer segments in new product or service verticals, or even new geographical markets.

Increased leads and revenue

Partnerships naturally provide increased leads and revenue through upselling opportunities by existing as an indirect sales channel. Access Mintsoft supports companies by building life-time supplier and customer relationships. More than 1 million shipments are processed through the Mintsoft platform every month and we have 60+ marketplace and 80+ direct courier integrations all managed from a single platform.

Businesses choose Access Mintsoft to manage their inventory, optimise their warehouse space and automate their processes. The solution continues to outstrip competitors by offering cutting-edge technology and a rapid onboarding process and time to value for its customers.

Our goal is to work with a small number of forward-thinking, innovative partners that support our customers across all their business needs. Our partners and our industry leading software play a key role in providing our customers with an industry-led, consultative, value-based approach.

We all know that the e-commerce market is growing, without any signs of it slowing down. We also know that buyer behaviour has changed because of this, which is why we are continually evolving to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of the online market retail and fulfilment marketplace. We continually monitor what the demands of the market are and refining what we do as a result of that to ensure we are always one step ahead.

If you’re interested in joining the Mintsoft Partner Programme, or would like to learn more, why not download our Partnerships guide.