The benefits of an Order Management System for small and micro businesses

The benefits of an Order Management System for small and micro businesses

The size of your business should not limit your growth opportunities.

If you are a small or a micro business and you’ve made your name (or built your Instagram following) from your stellar performance on your own small site and channels like Etsy or Not On The High Street, you might be feeling like you’ve reached the ceiling of your success without making drastic changes to your business model.

What is next? Dropshipping? Adding even more inventory? Or perhaps you have to increase headcount?

There is another way – smart technology can offer support for you and your business. There are many elements to the ‘E-commerce Universe’. Companies, such as our partners, help with everything from tracking deliveries to making the deliveries.

Small and micro businesses are worthy of just as much technological power as the bigger retailers.

Why do you need support?

Today, customers expect to be informed every step of the way across the buying journey which means things like regular email updates, tracking information, and delivery status alerts, help with returns, prompt payment options and a 24/7 service. At the same time, you might be taking phone orders, printing labels, choosing couriers and managing sales data. If you started your business in the back bedroom and are scaling rapidly, you need a solution on hand to help you.

An order management system (OMS) is the next step before you hire

Without order management solutions in place to compile customer information and filter data into one place, there are more opportunities for error. For example, if you sell on Etsy, but also sell on Not On The High Street, and post a tweet about your beautiful new range, one platform could completely sell out. If your inventory isn’t synced, you will exceed order capability and you won’t be able to deliver.

Showing the customer live inventory is incredibly powerful and a value-add an OMS can enable you to offer. With the option of utilizing global inventory control, customers can view real-time information about where they can purchase and obtain their desired products or services. Even if you have a store and a warehouse, you can determine the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your products to customers.

If you decide to take the dropshipping route, this method can tie in with an OMS so there is no headache for you. You simply set up lists of dropship products and suppliers to automatically split out products from orders you do not fulfil yourself and automatically send email alerts to your dropship suppliers to fulfil the orders for you.

With an order management solution, shipping is also made simple. You can automatically print courier labels and pass tracking details through to your various E-commerce channels/marketplaces. And it will even take telephone orders using Sage Pay or World Pay.

Why use an OMS today?

The stats show that more than nine out of ten consumers say they will stop buying from a company after three (or fewer) poor customer service incidents. With choice out there, the perception of your brand has never been so important. If negative experiences are creeping in, it is time to take control.

Another example would be rush periods. Pay day, Black Friday, even a rainy summer’s day could all be reasons for customers to hit their mobile phones and to start spending. If you already have commitments to other orders and these spikes are causing a headache, you might need to reign in where and how you sell – or use an OMS.

If you are managing multiple channels, using our order management system you can set by SKUs what quantity of items are sold on which channel. This lets you prioritise channels to align to demand and margins, so you stay in control.

At the same time, If you have a regular source of stock available from a nearby supplier, the system can send fixed, manipulated low or high stock levels to all your channels, making it appear you always have a certain amount of stock available (even though you may be out of stock in your actual warehouse facility or factory)

If you have multiple stores, warehouses, sales channels and websites in various countries, your order management solution will bring them all together into one place, and as your business grows, you can add customisation and extensions to make your OMS do what you need it to do as you scale. 

It’s time to make an order of your own – an Order Management System that’s going to drive even more success your way with easy-to-use and affordable technology that makes new growth achievable and sustainable.

To find out more, speak to an advisor today who can show you the platform and how it can support your small business.