Bolstering your 3PL business as we move further towards 24/7 services.

Bolstering your 3PL business

The news that the Royal Mail will be trailing Sunday parcel deliveries comes off the back of new research which has shown 26% of online shoppers abandon purchases due to long shipping times. Many retailers want to appeal to these time-sensitive shoppers and have added both same-day and 24/7 delivery services to their offerings. But what is the impact for 3PLs, and will you need 3PL management software?

How can you bolster your business as a 3PL?

As more consumers select and expect deliveries in 1–2 days, a quicker turnaround will be needed. Introducing more 24/7 delivery services will be felt by delivery providers, whether they are in logistics, delivery management or the last mile. You might think that concern over the last mile should be an issue for couriers. But while the last mile is where the face-to-face customer experience happens, the chain can break at any stage.

Where and how the items are picked and packaged, how and when they are collected from the distribution centre and delivered, and how the items (and returns) are handled, all matter. And every step needs to be cohesive.

There has been a rise in the focus of customer collections, which grew during covid-19, with delivery lockers popping up to make 24/7 deliveries easier and close to contactless. The same is true with more local shops accepting parcel deliveries and the increase in dedicated parcel shops. But this is still a burden for the seller or the retailer.

Retailers are looking for 3PLs to ease the strain

When logistics becomes a time-consuming bottleneck, or if it’s challenging to get the shipments out in time, they will look to a 3PL. But, with sellers already having their pick of couriers, and with a wide range of 3PL businesses out there, you need to stand out.

You need solutions in place now that can appease current customers and their ever-growing needs, whilst also attracting new business by showcasing your expertise and management skills.

Potential new target audiences

One area to consider is the wave of sellers who have outgrown their back bedrooms and have seen exponential rises in sales. According to a study by Chase Ink, while 35% of small business owners said that the pandemic would have forced their business to close without E-commerce, 19% said they began selling products online or shipping to customers for the first time in 2020. These businesses will soon need support.

One interesting area may be to focus on women-led businesses.

We mentioned in a previous post that the demographic of followers on social channels for Etsy and Not On The High Street was predominantly female. The same is true for sellers. At Etsy, according to the company’s second annual seller report, 86% of sellers are female. The Chase Ink report notes women who have seen a boost in E-commerce sales are seeing a 36% average overall increase.

Now is the time to position yourself as a 3PL that can help and to ensure you can manage this stage of new business growth.

Order Management Software helps you deliver

Mintsoft gives you and your customers real-time visibility and traceability of their inventory. You can bring confidence to your business with powerful reporting tools, all of which is accessible anywhere, any time. The system is ready for your new business push, with automated billing and accounting, customisable brand management and centralised client management.

In terms of marketing, this means you can start to sell these concepts directly to your new and existing retail customers.

For the day-to-day, it means you have a complete overview of your warehouse, inventory and courier relationships from one easy-to-use platform. Plus over 60 standard marketplace integrations and over 80 UK and worldwide courier integrations.

If clients have any problems with orders, Mintsoft has a built-in customer service query tool to help smooth the process.

The next steps? Get your demo of the Mintsoft Order Management Solution today.