Mintsoft and Xero – the secret to seamless invoices for 3PLs is here.

Mintsoft and Xero Integration

As you win new E-commerce customers, you may have noticed greater challenges in how you invoice for services. From tiered rates for split consignments, pick surcharges, and the ability to bill for oversized products and handling shipping carrier and consumables charges, invoices have changed dramatically in the last few years.

For many 3PLs invoicing has traditionally been a manual process. However, like many areas of fulfilment, the best way to move ahead is to ensure that this process is automated, providing greater accuracy, transparency and resource savings.

At Mintsoft, we are delighted to announce that we are a Xero Connected App. As a result, we can now provide 3PLs with the ability to use their Xero integration within the Minstoft OMS.

Using Xero with Mintsoft is the seamless way to simplify your business. 3PLs who are working with multi-channel retailers can now use the power of Mintsoft with Xero for enhanced accounting capabilities.

If you are working with a wide array of E-commerce businesses and multi-channel retailers, your ability to tie in with Xero through Mintsoft is an asset for both your client and your time management.

By connecting the Mintsoft Billing Engine to Xero, the whole 3PL invoicing process is handled behind the scenes. Quickly export Mintsoft 3PL invoices straight to your clients in Xero to improve efficiency and accuracy and follow their preferred way of working.

You can also choose to export by channel for reduced admin burden. Grouping your sales by any given E-commerce channel also allows accurate payment reconciliation. If revenue allocation is an area you’d like to improve, the integration has this handled too. You can now map revenue streams into Xero Accounts, which puts you in control of revenue allocation to different accounts within Xero.

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