The 5 signs it’s time to switch to an E-commerce order management system

The 5 signs it’s time to switch to an E-commerce order management system

As an online seller, you might be stacking up unimagined volumes of sales on Shopify, Amazon or eBay. The advantage of E-commerce is that the barrier to entry is low. Anyone can set up a fully-fledged business from home using readily available platforms (such as Shopify and Magento) and the micro-business of two-to-five employees you’ve started with might be scaling fast.

Perhaps you work with a 3PL or have a warehousing system in place, or maybe you’re starting to look around. Your next first step could be using an E-commerce order management system – known in the trade as an OMS.

Think of it like the assistant that you’ve always wanted. You keep your relationships with couriers and delivery networks while the OMS tracks all the paperwork, shipping rates, and sorts out labels. You manage your customers on your website and your social media, but your OMS flags returns and issues.  If you hate the paperwork side of your webshop, we think you will love Mintsoft.

Still, wondering if it’s really for you?

Here are the 5 signs we see regularly that indicate it’s time to switch to an OMS that will help you win new business and keep your new customers happy.

1. ‘Out of stock’ items are causing chaos

If you sell on multiple platforms – perhaps Etsy, eBay, Shopify and Amazon, then you need to manage your stock with an eagle eye and a bird’s eye view – one tweet can go viral and sell you out completely on one platform in minutes. Whilst this is cause for a glass of something celebratory, it also means time out for you to manually find and readjust your stock on each channel. Your Mintsoft OMS could be doing this for you while you are toasting your new success.

2. Delivery options are tiresome

You’ve set your costs for delivery but there are always changing variables. Sizes, volumes, locations, dimensions, and speed. Then you need to add into the calendar the times when you will be away, seasonally busier, or focused on a particular SKU or line. You may have set rates with carriers, but are they the best ones for the items going out the door? Your Mintsoft OMS can tell you. It finds the best carrier rates and even print the labels for you.

3. Admin tasks are taking over

Bulk orders, printing, and invoicing are all administrative tasks that might be taking you away from the more creative and impactful, profitable work you could be doing. Technology is a great investment in any business because it’s able to give you time back to where your focus should be. Saved time and proficiency is crucial in the E-commerce trade.

4. You want to scale platforms

If you are already on Etsy, it’s natural to want to expand to another platform with a different customer profile. If you’ve just had a record month on Amazon – what could eBay also offer? If you think you’ll attract more of the same, think again.

The global marketplace means that sellers will not be in just one place, and new sellers are joining daily too. Sites like Webretailer can offer insights into the top sellers and their locations, and a bit of digging can help you find new markets. Sites like Notonthehighstreet and Etsy are upwards of 75% female in their follower base on Instagram whereas other sites may offer different demographics, ready to spend.

If you’ve been put off using another platform because of the fear of having to manage extra sites, you absolutely need a Mintsoft OMS. Scaling and growth should never be hindered because of worries over business basics when the likes of Mintsoft can manage that for you. By allowing your E-commerce order management system to take over the unsavoury tasks, you’ve got the freedom to use your swagger and list on more platforms. More platforms = MORE customers. Our solutions application has over 150+ platform integrations, so when you have Mintsoft, you can quickly sell on plenty of other channels, expanding your opportunities for growth and connecting you with a wealth of online shoppers.

5. Your employee base has grown

If it used to be just you at the helm, sticking on the labels and filling out the forms, you may have just got by, and “getting by’’ is okay, and it can be hard to break with that mindset. But as you’ve grown, you may have started to hire employees and you’ve quickly found out that your brain can’t be the central processor for all the ins and outs of the business anymore, not if you’re going to continue to grow and scale your business – stock, deliveries, changes, postage service, returns – it is becoming too much. Spreadsheets don’t cut it either because they aren’t guaranteed to be live and active – and they come with huge risks of error that no business can afford.

It’s time to celebrate your success with an order of your own – an Order Management System that’s going to drive even more success your way with easy-to-use and affordable technology that makes new growth achievable and sustainable.

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