Top 5 Key Benefits of an Order Management System

If you’re currently selling online, there comes a tipping point where orders become cumbersome to manage on multiple platforms. For many, the time spent manually updating stock levels, producing stock labels and hunting for the best courier starts to hinder their ability to sell and fulfil quickly. In a world where speed of fulfilment gives retailers the edge, an Order Management System (OMS) could be exactly what you need to keep up with the market. We’ve outlined the top 5 key benefits of adopting an OMS.

1. Win the 10pm shoppers

1. 10pm is the most popular time for shoppers to place orders, and this is probably a time when you’re not at your computer. An Order Management System automates the sales process as soon as click ‘Buy now’, meaning it will automatically choose the cheapest shipping provider, generate shipping dispatch emails you also help to improve the customer’s whole shopping experience – with no extra headaches for you.

2. Improved accuracy and efficiency

As well as being stressful, manually updating stock on multiple marketplace platforms is vulnerable to human error. Not having instant inventory updates across all marketplaces could increase your chances of overselling a product. An OMS provides a joined-up view of all channels, and acts as the automated link between them all. This means reduced errors, faster updated inventory, quicker order turnaround and better customer interaction.

3. See all your marketplaces at once

For retailers with multiple marketplaces and multiple couriers, it can become complicated to keep track of what goes where, and who ordered what. By having a dashboard that displays all marketplace and courier channels in one place, you can make sure you never miss anything, meaning you always have full control of your business. 

4. Quickly spot bestsellers

The brilliant thing about an Order Management System is that it automatically organises all of the statistics and insights that show product popularity, marketplace popularity and more. These insights can prove crucial to business growth, as it lets you see what areas would be worth investing more stock or attention towards. It also lets you see any unusual trends that might arise and act accordingly – something that would prove invaluable during unforeseen wider market conditions and allow you to adapt most appropriately for your business.

5. Automatically process orders 24/7/365

Having an OMS means you can ensure your marketplaces are ‘staffed’ – even when you’re not there. This means orders that come in after you step away from your computer can still begin to be fulfilled, by updating your inventory, taking payment and creating shipping labels. If you use a fulfilment house, this information can automatically be sent onto them, without you having to be near your computer, resulting in fewer delays and improved speed.

When smaller online retailers are competing in a world that contains a lot of ‘big fish’, it’s essential they make gains wherever possible. An OMS allows your brand to grow a solid reputation, by competing in terms of order fulfilment speed and availability.

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