Magento 2 Integration Coming Soon to Mintsoft

Magento 2 Integration has been added to mintsoft!

You can read more information here about the upgrade directly from Magento’s blog:

Magento 2.0 Integration

The popular platform has been completely over-hauled to give it a more modern & streamlined consumer like interface with responsive design features to entice customers and ultimately lead to greater sales.

As ever Mintsoft Order Management & Fulfillment solution is staying at the forefront of e-commerce developments by working on adding a Magento 2.0 Integration to its locker.

Orders will transfer seemlessley from the Magento 2.0 platform to Mintsoft and update tracking information when despatched. Along with automatic stock synchronization you can be sure we have a Magento 2.0 solution to meet yours or your clients fulfilment & despatch requirements without the need to scale up your team to cope with increased sales.

The integration is planned to be introduced into our next system release before the end of March.

Magento 2 Integration

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