Getting Barcode Ready for Royal Mail

Royal Mail have just announced one of the biggest and most dramatic changes in its 500 year history.

They have finally brought forward plans in October 2015 to ensure that all mail send through their network will require a 4×6″ barcoded label produced from DMO (with the exception of standard 1st & 2nd class mail letters).

You can see a video about the changes here: Getting Barcode Ready and more information can be read here about the services impacted under the change: Services Affected

For many fulfilment companies and multi channel sellers this represents a massive change to the way they work with traditional Pre-Paid Postage Impressions (PPI) no longer being allowed for large letters and parcels. This means you will have to use an automatic method to create shipments.

Of course if you are a Mintsoft user you have nothing to worry about getting barcode ready for royal mail as we pioneered the use of the brand new Royal Mail Shipping API back in January 2015 and many of our customers are enjoying the benefits already.

With the live Royal Mail Shipping API we automatically send data straight to DMO and retrieve the shipping label and tracking information. You can retrieve either single labels or in bulk for rapid printing.  Best of all with this method you no longer have to enter any data manually on to OBA at the end of every day and instead can generate a manifest directly from Mintsoft without having to login to royal mail.

getting barcode ready for royal mail