Cloud based inventory software

Cloud based inventory software solutions or Software As A Service (SAAS) solutions have many advantages over the traditional locally hosted server installed systems, in this article we’ll explain our top 5 reasons for choosing a cloud based inventory management system such as MintSoft.

1) Instant setup – you can literally be setup within minutes with no software to install or technician to visit on site to install on your server. We provide expert advice, guidance & support in order to get you up & running.

2) No up front cost – our web based software is hosted on the secure Microsoft azure platform, so there is no need for expensive servers to be purchased that can handle the operations required. Our servers automatically scale up as demand increases meaning you never have to worry about performance issued or hardware upgraded.

3) Free upgrades – As you pay a set on-going monthly fee (plans available for as low as £99 per month) you benefit from all system upgrades and releases, meaning you never have to worry about paying for expensive development to keep up with the changing e-commerce & fulfilment environment. Integrations with shopping carts, couriers & payment gateways are added continuously.

4) Live stock – See everything on a live basis – this means better & faster decisions, happier clients & happier end customers. You can purchase from suppliers with up to the minute stock reports – update ebay, amazon & your website with live to the minute stock levels  to prevent out of stock nightmares.

5) Unlimited User Access – We can provide multi layered user access for different roles within your organisation so everyone can see & even interact with the information they need to – again on a live basis without having to wait for emailed reports to be sent back & forth waiting to be actioned. Instantly act upon customer service and relay the information straight to the warehouse for updated order information.